Gardens of the Beloved

Garden of my Beloved II (2016)
250x195 mm
Oil on paper

Botanists preserve plant specimens by pressing them. The stains and traces left behind from this process is the inspiration behind the ‘Gardens of the Beloved’ series on paper. Most of the stains were created through blotting excess paint off more naturalistic paintings of indigenous flowers on board. The paintings represent interior landscapes as they record my subjective responses to threatened flowers. The pieces contemplate ecological recovery, the nature of plants to cross over boundaries and finding one’s heart within loss and bereavement. The titles of this series are inspired by the 13th century Persian poet, Rumi.

 My heart rushes into the Garden (2016)
210x215 mm
Oil on paper 

Garden of my Beloved I (2016)
255x210 mm
Oil on Paper

Become water and flow from Garden to Garden (2016)
240x195 mm
Oil on Paper

Garden of a broken heart (2016)
220x180 mm
Oil on Paper